Degrees Offered to Accounting Majors

Deciding on what career you want to pursue, for the rest of your life, is more difficult than how you will get the education to work in that field. This is why some people change majors in college or even go back to school for a second career. For individuals who are interested in the accounting major, they will be pleased to know that many certifications and degrees exist to prepare for this occupation.

For prospective students, the good news is that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 22 percent increase in accountant jobs by 2018! This means that in order to get started, a decision on which college or university to attend needs to be made. The benefits of a two-year degree versus a four-year, a public or private school, and instate or out-of-state education are options to consider to help achieve your goals.

Associate and bachelor’s degrees, as well as doctoral programs, are avenues for the student to explore.

The student’s decision might be based on the amount of money and time required, as well as the career goals the person plans to pursue. Certifications can also help launch a person’s career by opening doors to opportunities based on the credibility and specialization the exams have to offer. Listed below are more details about the degrees and certifications an accounting student could consider.